About us


The Company

Fabrigimno is a Portuguese company, certified since 2011 (ISO-9001, SGS), based in Alverca do Ribatejo and has over 40 years of activity.

We are proud manufacturers, exclusively dedicated to serve with high quality standards all our customers.

We have technicians with recognized experience, composing multidisciplinary technical teams, equipped with advanced technological resources in all areas of activity, designing and developing sports facilities, urban, playgrounds and recreational facilities, geared to make available to our customers and society in general, all our experience and expertise, promising dedication and quality at competitive costs.

In addition to the “standard” equipment, Fabrigimno offers a huge technical flexibility to approach the needs / requirements of its customers, creating and developing urban environment projects and new products in full accordance with applicable law.

Field of Activity

As manufacturers we devote ourselves to design, development and manufacture sport equipment, Game and Recreational Spaces (EJR), playgrounds and urban furniture.

As designers we intend to lend all our experience and know-how </ em> in the design of equipment and urban spaces, sports and leisure, usually for public and social use in all types of projects.

As contractors, we have since 1991 Building Permit with all categories needed to build all kinds of urban and sports facilities and we are dedicated to the implementation and construction of sports venues, play spaces and recreational (EJR), playgrounds , urban spaces, among others.

Our Mission

Provide the competence and experience at the service of society, contributing to dignify the urban spaces, sports and leisure and prestige to the sport in general.

Our Values

Fabrigimno employees converge daily on the following values: Responsibility, Trust and Pride, to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.